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CurcuminX4000 contains a potent standardized extract of Curcumin longa root, commonly known as turmeric, the yellow herb used in curry powders. The active ingredient in Curcuma longa are plant substances called curcumnoids, compounds that demonstrate potent antioxidant protection against free radicals. The curcuminoids in turmeric are 3 times more powerful than grape seed extract.

CurcuminX4000 extract is 23x better absorbed than ordinary Curcumin and is 20 times stronger than what you get with fresh Turmeric. Current studies point to an ability of Curcumin to support the function of collagen and cartilage cells. Studies published in the last 5 years suggest a highly beneficial effect against oxidative damage to neural (brain) cells with Curcumin supplementation.

Over 500 references to articles on Turmeric have been published in peer-reviewed professional journals.

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