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Want to make Mum's heart smile?

There's no sweeter way to say

"I Love You"

than with roses

Buy Mum this Special ...

Mother's Day Gift set of two Divine Rose Soaps

for $20.00 with soap lift included.

And to spoil Mum even further by adding a luxurious silky-smooth Ancient Minerals magnesium moisturising lotion full of health benefits. Or, perhaps add a lovely portable foot bath complete with a bag of Ancient Minerals magnesium bath flakes.

"Rose Garden" with French Pink Clay

Castor, Coconut, Olive and Rice Bran oils. French Pink Clay

Essential Oils: Amyris, Geranium,

Lavender, Rose de Mai & Ylang Ylang


"Midnight Rose"

Castor, Coconut, Olive and Rice Bran oils, Shungite powder and Chaga Mushroom powder.French Pink Clay, Bamboo Silica and Rosewater.

Essential Oils:Geranium, Frankincense,

Sweet Orange, Rose de Mai & Ylang Ylang

Individual Soap Bar weighs between 105 -110gr

Extra Comments:

SHUNGITE - From Russia with Love

Origin: Karelia, Russia

This unique carbon-dense mineral deposit is found only in Russia.

Why Shungite is the mineral for our times:-

- Cleansing, calming, soothing and nourishing

- Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory

- Removes 97% of bacteria from the skin

- Helps kill germs and viruses

- Helps heal redness, rashes, acne

- Protects against EMF radiation (i.e. wi-fi and cell phones)

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