Our Story

We are a small family company passionate about natural health and happiness.

Formed in 2007, we were one of the first companies in Australia to find the secrets to good health via topical magnesium and select seaweeds. One of the owners used to suffer from intense and unpredictable migraines until she read “The Magnesium Miracle” by Dr.Carolyn Dean MD ND and “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy” by Dr Mark Sircus. Both books are still sold on our web site. Following months of thorough research and trialling of several brands of topical magnesium –some sourced from evaporated sea water or inland lakes- Ancient Minerals was chosen for its purity and consistency with zero heavy metals. Sourced from 2 kms below ground in The Netherlands where it has been protected from human contamination for over 250 million years, we have found the best results over the past 13 years. It is bottled for us by Enviromedica in Austin TX USA who are a long established company who also have a huge laboratory and manufacture many other fine health supplements.

We have always prided ourselves on common sense and great service. So you can be assured that you will always be welcome with any questions on our products. And that your order will be swiftly packed – at no extra charge – and shipped next day in most cases. Only the actual Australia Post or courier cost is charged for orders under $60.

At our Buderim Magnesium House on main street Buderim where our shop sells all of our natural health supplements, we have 3 remedial massage therapists who introduce lucky visitors to warm magnesium massage. We use the Ancient Minerals magnesium gel which has a massage medium. The spray “oil” is only called an oil because of its slippy feel due to the saturation of magnesium and ancient minerals in it. But it is water and the easiest to use at home. We now have several strengths as the original full strength can be a bit tingly on sensitive skin. Now there is our wide range for older and younger Aussies alike.

A 1 hr massage is only $88 and a 90 minute massage is $120. Heaven!